The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin

Out Of Time

Jason had run out of time. Not figuratively but
 literally. Time no longer had meaning for Jason. He was in a place where time as we know it on earth no longer existed. At least that is what the man standing next to him told him.
Jason had been running - running to make his train - the train that would take him to work. Up the stairs to the platform, he raced knowing that the train was there already and he had only a minute or two left to make it on time. The last thing he remembered was getting to the platform, still running, and seeing the train just about to leave.
Now he was standing in a foggy place, with a red phone booth, a bench and a clock. The clock did not seem to move. There was a light approaching - something was coming - maybe it was his train.
But the sky had been clear a moment ago and the platform was somewhat crowded. Now there was only him and the man next to him.

What I am trying to Say

This story is a metaphysical mystery. What would happen if we were provided the opportunity to step back from our life and think about what it is that we are doing.
What would it be like for someone to suddenly see his routines from the perspective of eternity - a place with no time.