The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
I have decided to take my writing to a whole new level - active. Yes, that means that I have not been writing enough on the story front. I do that a lot - I write stories then I write poems but never at the same time. Now I will try to do that.
Starting today I will write 1000 words or more of a story. I will continue this story for at least ten days - I have set these small goals because I do not know how well this project will work so I do not want to commit here to do this if it does not work. (This is known as the Escape clause- always have one).
I will post my 1000 words on another blog - tomorrow I will post that blog name here. But for now I will be content with writing my 1000 words and editing them so that they make some sense. You know adding things like periods, commas, capital letters.
I will still write this blog and my two other blogs and my poem for the day.
Yes, I can do all this in coffee breaks so you can too. Write from the heart and everything is easy - and GOOD.
Of course if something goes wrong, I will blame the computer because it could not be my fault ever. So join if you dare - have fun and keep writing.
P.S. This is not how Stephen King got started.

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