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The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
Pick your attitude, then run with it as far as words will take you. This is the secret to writing. I don't care who you are - you cannot write about happiness if you are ready to kick the cat. Nor can you write about madness and anger if you are seeing nothing but rainbows and halos. If you think that I am saying - write what you feel, you are correct.
Writing can shift your attitude - I find that it is better therapy than sitting in a room talking with someone you pay to listen. Many times I sit down at the keyboard seeing red (being mad). If I try to write something nice at that moment I will fail. So I write something nasty, something in your face, and like magic, my mood changes into something else. If I sit at the typewriter and my mood is neutral then I am better able to write whatever style I wish.
However, If I write when I am tired - I will tend to write half-hearted. This makes my work wimpy and inane. Unless I write something I really really want to write - then I become energized. Then I want to write for hours.
So the moral of the story is be aware of your attitude when you sit down to write. The second moral is if you write something right before bed - don't make it something that will energixe you  (You will be up for hours).  

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