Practicing the Practice of Practicing - The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
The advice came from R. Crumb:
If you want to be good at illustration - draw everyday twice a day, and then do more drawing in your free time. This truth can be extrapolated to include writing.
If I want to be good at writing - I need to write in all forms as much as I can stand (and then I need to practice even more).
I know that sounds a bit obsessive but the alternative - what I have been doing in my previous writing life - writing once a week - is not good enough.
This is why I do my writing blog. This is why I post these stories and poems here on this website - It is all part of my practice. It is all part of me trying to get better at my craft.
I write because I love writing. I love crafting a story, hooking the reader and telling a timeless tale. I love evoking emotions - I love bringing out in the reader ideas and feelings that they thought impossible. I love showing people that the world is always more than they thought it was.
I started this entry yesterday when I was feeling low on energy. Today I feel full of energy and desire to write. Today I am full of the muse. Today I want to practice some more. Hopefully, a couple of stories and a couple of poems too.

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