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The other day I got a postcard in the mail - it was from myself. This comes as no surprise - I mailed it to myself ten years ago. The surprise comes as to how long it took to get to me. But that is fodder for another post.
The message I wrote myself was simple:
Dear Frank:
Keep writing.
Your dearest friend,

I must have written it in my terse period - the days in which I figured less words meant being clearer. Still the message rings true. Keep writing. I have been getting down on myself for not producing the next Ulysses and that being down that is makes me want to quit writing. But if I did quit, I would never get there and at the very least I would never get any better at writing.
So I decided that I would write myself some more postcards (actually letters because postcards are so impersonal and letters can be post dated on the internet. I will start with a letter for next week saying - Glad you are writing again - your work gets better and better. Keep writing.
For next month. I will say something like congrats on your publishing contract !! Can you pay me the money you owe me ? Keep writing.
The month after that will read like - wow, who would have thought you could make it so big ?
Thanks for paying me back but did it have to be in pennies ? Keep writing.
And the month after that - Keep writing, your dog will come back ! Not so sure about your wife, though. I guess moving to Hollywood can do that to a marriage. But congrats on the new house. Love the swimming pool. Keep Writing.

Well you get the idea. Writing to yourself can be a good way to help yourself remember the old you - the you that used to write for the love of writing. And who doesn't like getting positive mail ?
Well I have some letters to mail so bye and keep writing.

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