The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
Trying on new clothes. That is what I call thinking differently. If you feel that your writing is stale (does it bore even you ?), thenmaybe you need to try on new clothes in a writing sense.
 There are many ways to accomplish this but one of the easiest ways is to change the sex of your hero.
If you find yourself writing about predominately men characters as the hero, try writing with a woman as your heroine.
I find this allows you to create scenes that you could not have concieved of before. No, you probably won't be good at it if you have never written a lead character in anything other than your own gender but it will teach you a few things you might not know.
Take the stereotypical private investigator - this would be a tough guy who drinks a lot.
Now make that character a woman. Does this woman like to fight, hang out at seedy bars, and chase loose . . . men? Perhaps not, but maybe she does.
The reverse could also happen - is your drama about a woman who was cheated on - how about make that character a guy. Now he has to feel depressed and unloved - is it because he is losing his sex appeal ? Has he put on a few too many pounds and are the wrinkles showing up on his face ? Well, you get the idea.
Changing the sex of any character in your story just might make the difference between cliche & trite and bold & quirky (also known as entertaining). And isn't that what you want ? Of course it could also make your story ridiculous so act with good sense and moderation.
Right now my panties are in a bunch and my legs need a shave. Plus I feel bloated and don't get me started on my boyfriend. OMG, Look how late it is - and I have not even started supper - gotta go!

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