The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
Today I thought I would do something different - post a picture. So I used the Flickr pictures that are available and came away with this one on the left.
I do not know what is it is (it looks a crystal) but that is why I chose it. I wanted a picture that looked good and had no apparent idea (in my mind at least) of what it was. I like the mystery involved in deciding what could the picture be of.
I think one of the real good exercises for me is to write about a picture like this. What kind of a story can be constructed by this picture. What kind of mood ? A better picture might be of a person - then a storyteller could maklle up a story about this person's pose or look. But mostly today, I was in the mood to try something different, so I chose this picture because it looks nice and does not seem to have any meaning.
I think that pictures in doctor's offices are like that too. They look okay but don't seem to inspire much meaning.
To me, a good story needs to have both - good looks and meaning. The meaning can be like an aftertaste - something that kicks in after the story is read. Something that makes the reader reread the story - something that makes the reader think twice. However, a story does not have to have a deep meaning to be entertaining. I believe that a story needs to be above all else - entertaining enough. This means that if you are writing a deep and heavy emotional story, you must have enough entertainment in it to keep the reader reading. That takes talent and drive and that is what separates the real writers and storytellers from the want-to-be's.

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