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Yes, this is the greatest news ever. It will greatly help you do everything. Here it is:

Take a look at the picture above. Do you think that the photographer just went outside and took that picture. Well, yes she did. But how do you think that she knew to get the right exposure and blend of colors and camera angle and all that other picture taking knowledge - by practicing that's how. By taking picture after picture - downloading them into Photoshop and learning what works and what does not.
The same is true with writing. If you want to be a good writer - practice at it - everyday.
Read books - find out what style works for you and what style does not. Fan the flames of your writing passion by trying new genres and writing techniques. Keep practicing, and do not be afraid to throw something out that just does not work. It might be the best idea you ever had - but if you just can't make it work it will end up draining you of all your writing and creative energy.
Your creative energy is what you hope to use to get you through the hours and hours of practice. Your passion. You must practice like a kid playing a video game (unless of course you are a kid, in which case be yourself). When playing the video game, you do not quit the first time you die - if so you never get far into the game. You never become the master of the game. To master anything, you need to practice it. Even Kung-Fu masters have to do this - so why not you?
If you can't get the passion to practice, if you want to be perfect with every draft you write (then you are just like me) then you will not master writing (unless of course you are a natural writer or you are rich and can afford a ghost writer/editor).
The purpose of this whole website, is to give me an outlet for my writing practice. I strive to write everyday - twice a day (and edit it for readibility too). I have to get better - there is only so many times I can claim the dog ate my post before people stop reading.
So to sum up today's writing lesson - practice, practice, practice
Make lots of money, get famous, and then start writing - the publishers will publish you no matter what then.

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