The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
"Hey you, Frankie Boy, it's time to get writing."  The speaker of course is Fluffy the talking dog (graphic representation on the left). Fluffy has been in several of y short stories and a couple of essays too. He has been around in my mind so long that he thinks he is real.
Lately, he has been nagging me to get him some work. I feel like a bad Hollywood agent because I just have not felt he is 'right' for any part in my new stories.
It is not that he is not a cute, smart dog (he is). It is that he has started to get sassy and too big for his muzzle. Any non-talking parts are beneath him and lately, he has starting to ask what is his 'motivation.'
He complains that I have been using too many humans and magical types of animals.
"What you need," he snarled today, "is to get back to basics. A good old all American talking dog."
At this point, my wizard character sets up and asks me if I want to send the dog to the nether regions. "Will he come back like Cujo ? I ask and the wizard nods yes. "Forget it then ,"  I answer.
"Well, then," the wizard continues, "have you finished my story yet ? You know the one where I am entering the haunted castle?" I nod yes. I turn and look at where I had just set it down, next to me on the desk. It is gone.
"I could help you, " my lady detective character says while lifting her skirt provocatively. She winks.  "If you finish my story next."
"NO, you have to do my story next. Mine." says the precocious child (bratty) character, while stomping her feet.
"Hey dude," says my stoner character, "chill out. He has to finish my epic saga first. It is going to be major righteous."
Several other characters started in also but I do not have the space not do I have the indecency to print what they said. Suffice to say, I began to realize that I need to draw the line on characters- they need to stay in my sub-conscious and not in my semi-conscious. Unfortunately, I write mostly in the semi-conscious state.
So I decided to implement plan B. I told them that they could all be in my next blog post. They were happy.

I started to look for my finished wizard story but Fluffy the talking dog stopped me.
"Don't bother," he said "I ate it."

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