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This picture currently represents nothing to me. But it could be my inspiration for a story.
I have several ideas banging about in my head waiting for me to expound upon them. I was hoping that I could meditate and in my meditation visualize these ideas forming a plot - sort of a Tetris for stories - with pieces of plot floating in a and fitting next to each other.
But every time I meditate, I get the urge to write and every time I write I get the urge to meditate. What is this writer to do?

I thought it might be a good idea to put some ideas down here and see if they make any more sense to me. So here goes:
One idea is about a spiritual teacher and his/her pupil. Another idea is about an adventure story involving mysterious happening and solving those mysteries.
Another idea is to take an old story and polish it up into a finished product.
Normally, I write very well in the stream of consciousness mode but I never write a finished product. I want to do that now. I just don't know what story to start with.  I have a concept of a woman on the run learning secrets (magic) as fast as she can because she needs this magic to save her life. I think this might work but it is a lengthy product - novella at the shortest. I think this is something I can do - I will call it the woman of the wind. And now I even have a cover art - just have to get permission.
I think I have solved my dilemma. All thanks to this blog. Thank you blog.

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