Won Thing Eye Dew No - The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
No matter how easy technology makes writing - there will always be a premium on good writing, good story-telling, etc. And last but definitely not least - editing.
If there was a way for technology to duplicate good writing - we would have had it eons ago.
Good writers and good editors are worth their weight in gold (that is a cliche that says these people are worth a lot and should be treasured). I have seen a lot of word processing packages and creative packages
such as Adobe Photoshop and they are great and allow the creative person to really create but these software packages can not duplicate the creative drive of even one ordinary person.
So when you are writing remember this - you and your work is unique even if you are ripping some one else off. It took your creative drive to come up with the idea to rip someone else off. Don't underestimate creative drive - it is what separates you from a bunch of monkey typing away. Theoretically, the monkeys are supposed t0 by random chance be able to duplicate Shakesphere (given enough monkeys and enough time). This has however never been proven because monkeys do not have the creative drive to type even a rap lyric let alone Shakesphere.
The title of this blog entry reflects how stupid a spellchecker program can bee. None of the words were flagged wrong. It also reflects how stupid I can be because I thought up the phrase in the title.
The reason factories are not staffed by monkeys is that monkey are more expensive than humans. Remember that when your editor asks you if a monkey typed this (while waving your masterpiece of writing in your face). Dare him to get a monkey that can type as good as hew. Plus, monkeys can't even learn how to use the spellchecker (yet).
I have to go now - Banana Break Time

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