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The Chicago Bulls beat the Miami Heat in professional basketball tonight. It may not happen again, so I will take this time to praise them (the Bulls) and diss the Heat.
This has nothing to do with the world of writing except for one thing - the Bulls are my passion. I love basketball and I have followed the Bulls from their very beginning. I love them best when they are the underdogs and they still win.
Writing about your passion makes it easier to write. When you feel strongly about something, this passion gives you the energy to do the little things like research and edit - both of which I have not done for this blog post. But the Bulls won so that makes everything all right.
It is a great feeling to see a well laid out plan come to fruition. I only hope I can do my writing projects with this very same zeal and preparation.
So once again I will say keep writing and good things will come.

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