The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
I am sitting here trying to get a handle on the first chapter of my story about the little girl who may or may not have a supernatural friend. I have the hook but how to get it together from there is a presenting a challenge to me.
I compare this challenge to trying to get a cat (my cat) down from the roof. My cat has discovered a way to get on the roof - it is a one story house - but has also discovered that it is a one way route - once up there is no way down.
I have to convince this former stray cat to trust me enough to let me bring it back to earth. I try all the tricks in the book and then some and nothing works. The cat looks at me as if I am the crazy one.
In the manner, trying to get a story to do what you want it to do will sometimes make you crazy. No matter what you try nothing works. You know you have a great story there in your brain but it just won't come out onto your paper.
My answer to both problems is the two P's: patience and persistence. Keep trying and take time to rest but don't give up - that cat will come to you sooner or later. (It did). The same result will happen with your story - keep trying it will come. 

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