The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
Okay it is really, really hot - even after the sun goes down. There is almost no ventilation and I am sitting outside - other than that I am doing great and this should be a great lesson in writing. Creatively. Which is what I want to talk about.
I have often said that to be better you have to gut it out and write everyday no matter what because the excuses will come no matter what - you know the ones - The dog ate my house, the computer gave me the flu and the tornado did not uplift you. I can think of several others too - the kids need to eat tofu and we are all out - the wife is mad because her boyfriend cancelled their date. And she is taking it out on me. Oh and I forgot that the dog is too tired to even raise a paw in my direction so I have to eat my own assignment.
Well with all that going on plus the fact that international terrorism is at a standstill and it is boring on television just what I am I supposed to do to make this entertaining.
I do not know so I will make like a republican and blame it on Obama. Somehow he must be responsible for this global warming that has made this day so darn hot.
The wife wants me to pretend I am her boy friend now so I guess that I have to go. She is going to pour whiskey on herself and make me drink it - yuck.
Last week it was not as hot as it is now at ten PM ever.

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