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All the best writers do it, so why can't you?
That is the question that I ask myself as I listen to Billy Collins reading a poem he composed after he read another poets work. Mr. Collins was  poet laureate of the USA once and that means he is a well read and accomplished poet. He however, did not like the words of the other poet and he used these words to make a witty and thoughtful poem called - well I forget what it is called but you get the point, right?
I did. After hearing Billy words on YouTube today, I found myself with three poetry books in hand and I was also viewing a poetry website for clues too - all at the same time. It worked. I started writing a poem which I titled the Waves of Heaven. I did like my first version of it but I think I will make it a finished product tomorrow. Or the next day - The point is I was able to find inspiration from the works of others. This is a perfectly acceptable thing to do - as long as you give the other work some credit for inspiring you and as long as you do not copy large chunks of the others work (or even small chunks). You want to make your stories and poems works that reflect you - your feelings or your ideas. I just finished a chapter of a story which was inspired by a novel I was reading. I did not like the start of the novel - I felt the hook was loose and vague and not very entertaining. As a reader, I was disappointed. I could do better I said to myself. Prove it, I answered back. Four pages later, I felt I had won the argument. I called in my wife to judge and smart woman that she is - she sided with my version. Much more exciting she said.
I am still basking in the glow of that praise.
That is my second lesson of this post:
Take praise wherever and whenever you can get it - there is never too much of it no matter how good you are.
I must go steal, I mean, inspire myself further - books to read. Bye for now.

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