The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
She sat at the table expecting something. Her legs were twitching, a habit she does when either nervous, anxious or angry.
I sat wondering what it is she could be expecting. Luckily for me, I am prepared for all sorts of oops I forgot occasions. I sensed this was one of them.
Since there was no dinner on the table, I instinctively knew I had to take us to a restaurant. Some place nice that served comfort food. Old Country Buffet. No make that great China Buffet - the one where you can order from a menu if you want.
I excused myself for a second to go to the bathroom but instead I went to my secret stash of gifts and cards. One glance at the my handy hidden calendar and I knew it was indeed a day I needed to get a gift. Years of not being prepared had prepared me for this. I selected the proper pre-written card telling her how much I love her - no specifics just good old fashion love to love you baby stuff.
There are coupons for a hug and a back rub and best of all there are earrings all wrapped and ready. I give them to her as we sit at our table. I thought you for got she says - no I say I was only pretending.
Now what does that have to do with writing - just like with marital obligations - it always helps to have pre-written ideas sitting around ready for when the muse is vacationing and you are not up to it. No it is not like mailing it in - it is more like e-mailing it in.
But I would never do that - would I, honey baby doll kitten.
I have to go - now I have to give the back rub - what day is it again ?

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