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Every now and then, (actually almost everyday) I am tempted to look at some old story I wrote and try to bring it back to life - try to make it fresh, something that I might want to finish.
The reason the story is considered dead by me is simple - it is lost in the pages of the computer hard drive where I store my stories.

Most of these dead stories started out as raving good ideas - a talking sassy dog, a house that eats people - a television that talks back. The problem is I found that a lot of raving good ideas do not make good stories - there has to be a good plot attached. A good plot involves a lot of idea that come together.

There is another reason, I started these stories then abandoned them - I lost the enthusiasm  for writing  on these topics or stories - I no longer had the desire to write a long story about a sassy dog eating television set as big as a house. But now that I am thinking about these ideas again, I feel there pull - pick me, they say, write about me - I will make a great story - I will make you rich.

My advice is to leave these old stories alone. They are like old lovers - the memory of them is better than the actual thing. Unless that old lover was the one that got away. And now she lives in a people eating house with a sassy dog that tells everyone to shut the door, because the television is about to speak. (Take that Stephen King). I have to get back to her - I have to show the love poetry I wrote her. Yes, she is worth it. (at least until tomorrow when I wake up and forget about this post).

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