Stealing Ideas - a perfectly legal thing to do (if you have a good lawyer) - The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
There is no creative person alive who has not stolen an idea from someone else. Even the dead writers of literature stole ideas from other dead writers. (Stealing Tip: It is much easier to steal from a dead person than a baby - babies make noise).
There is no basic plot that has not been written. Star Wars ripped off Shakespeare who ripped off some Greek guy who ripped of some Egyptian guy . . . all the way to the beginning of society. Cain ripped off Abel. The fact is we humans tell the same story over and over again, changing it slightly so as not to get sued and of course - to improve upon it.
You might be asking why is there a picture of a cat above. Is there going to be a story here about cats - the answer is no. I stole the picture of this cat off the internet because I liked it and because I could. I got that idea from blog I was reading that said pictures make your blog more interesting. I guess you could say I stole that idea too.
My point is - Don't worry about your story sounding a lot like Gone With the Wind until you are finished with it. Then if someone points this out to you saying that Rhett says I don't give a damn at the end of your story sounds familiar - you say thank you and change the hero's name to Brett. If that is not enough then change the lead female's name from Scarlett to Charlotte and the mansion's name from Tara to Lara. If they want more then tell them to rewrite the story because you don't give a damn (if someone sues you).
Actually my real point is don't worry about how you think your story is similar to a copyrighted story - write your story - get your creative juices flowing - you can change things later - the point is don't use stealing as an excuse to not write - you the writer need to write because it is in your blood - you need to write to get better. Even Stephen King knows that.
Writers write - painters paint - there are enough challenges to writing without worrying about plagiarism.
Now I hope you will like my new love story - it is called Poem-eo and Foolette, two star crossed lovers whose family's hate each other. What do you mean it sounds familiar ?

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