The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
My pages are what I call my warm-up exercise for writing. The idea is to write three double spaced pages on the computer putting down anything that comes into my mind. The idea behind this exercise is to clear the mind of the clutter that blocks the creative juices and also to get my mind and fingers used to typing. I do this exercise as soon as possible in the day. I find that if I do not do this exercise - I do not write.
So for the last few weeks I have made myself write pages everyday.
The results have been promising. I have gone from not caring about writing (I would be better off dead) to wanting to write blogs and poems and stories every day.
But in the last three days the form of my pages has changed (I think for the better). I used to write my three pages alternating from being preachy (I am right, the world is wrong) to just being crabby (the world is wrong and I am too). Occasionally, I would write nice things but not too much.
Three days ago, I decided to change the tone of my pages. I would no longer write what came to my head - I would write as if I were actually writing a real piece of writing. I found that it was easier to keep my attention fixed on the three pages and I did not suddenly want to watch the grass grow (or whatever distraction seemed cool at the time) (usually these distractions stop distracting me as soon as I get up from the desk that I am writing at). (I wonder why).
So I feel like a new man and the sky is bright with the light of a new day. I think I might be on to something but you never know. I will keep you posted as to what happens over the weekend with all its myriad distractions.

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