The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
subtitle - don't tell your family you want to be a writer
I know that the urge will come to you but don't give in to it. I know that you want to be affirmed by those closest to you. I do not care if you have written the next great American novel - do not show it to your family.
Very few families believe that anyone can make a living by writing. Most families view writing as on a par with joining the circus or being a mime. Actually, they might hold the latter two with a higher esteem. So even if you are great and this is apparent to your family - they will try to talk you out of a writing career or even writing as a hobby.
The worst woodcarver is given more encouragement than most writers, simply because woodcarving can be put on the wall and shown. Try that with a novel.
No, there simply isn't much about writing that most families can understand.
Worse still, most family members think you have cast the worst character in your novel as them. They see things you the author never thought of.
Example: "That guy in the last scene who shot everybody - that's me isn't it ?
That woman who killed her children and then cooked them - that's me isn't it ?
That four headed monster with the tentacles - that's me isn't it ?
Yes, they really believe that you are out to get them, to show the world the horror of them, your family members.
But to tell the truth - they are right. I am out to get them - after all they were ones who told my I stink and I will never make a dime.

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