The Storyteller - the wit and wisdom of Frank Coughlin
This is a picture of my writing room. As you can see there is room to read and watch TV and get on to the computer. There is also room to write - plenty of it. That is the problem with this place - it is too nice for my writing good. I do not know who this woman is but she is nice and I like having her around to listen to what I have written. Mostly she nods her head and says that's really good Frank. (And then goes back to her reading). I do not know why she always wears a dress but that is  her choice not mine. I think it is her job to keep this room neat. That is also part of my problem with writing - she is constantly cleaning up the mess I am making - even on the computer. I think she is an editor. I think she is smart because she is constantly deleting my efforts - she tells me the world is better off without it. She has such a beautiful smile when she does this.
She also can be distracting - constantly asking me if I could help her turn the page - could I help comb her hair - could I help her change clothes - one thing after another. I think that I am being used. Anyway, I think I hear her saying something - I better go - what was I doing ? Oh , writing this blog.
See ya - keep writing and that will make one of us.

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